Moke Lake

Only 20 minutes drive from downtown Queenstown, Moke Lake can provide tranquillity, great sight-seeing and most importantly, exciting sight-fishing for smart trout.  These trout have a university degree in selectivity and on calm days small flies such as midge and snail patterns on long light leaders are recommended.

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Tomahawk Lagoon

Tomahawk Lagoon is stocked with rainbow trout, brown trout and perch. Food is prolific and the trout  grow at a tremendous rate. Tahuna Rd runs into Tomahawk Rd at the top of the hill adjacent to the Anderson’s Bay cemetery. There are two main access points. One is directly off Tomahawk Rd through the car park of the Domain Hall. The other is found by turning left onto Oregon St for about 30m then left again down a gravel road which leads to a playground and car park next to the water.

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Southern Reservoir

This is an almost square pond with mostly deep-water habitat. There are some shallow areas around the western bank, where trout can be spotted cruising. Regularly mowed grass around the entire reservoir provides a great spot for picnicking, walking or taking the kids trout  fishing. There is a bag limit of one trout per day and it is stocked with rainbow trout, but also contains a population of brown trout that arrive through a pipe which feeds the reservoir from the Silverstream. Drive south along Kaikorai Valley Rd to the end of the road island. Turn right up Townleys Rd and carry on up the hill until you come to a ‘T’ intersection. Turn left onto Reservoir Rd, the gate to the reservoir is about 150m along on your right.

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Further Information

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Local Guides

Graeme Warren
Casey Cravens
Gerald Telford
Richard Grimmett
Craig Somerville
Simon Wilkinson
Jeff Jones
Nick Clark
Grant Alley
Ken Cochrane
Stuart Tripney
Chris Dore

Local Contact

Otago Fish & Game Council
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